Johnnie Fiori

Actor in television, film and theatre.
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Johnnie Fiori is the multi-talented actress and star of the West End stage, who recently performed alongside Danny DeVito and Richard Griffiths in Neil Simon's, The Sunshine Boys, directed by Thea Sharrock both at the Savoy Theatre and also at the Ahmanson Theatre in LA. 

Prior to this Johnnie performed on stage at the Young Vic Theatre in Vernon God Little, directed by Rufus Norris, where she took on a variety of central roles in DBC Pierre's darkly comic tale adapted for stage by Tanya Ronder. Johnnie also played the role of Motormouth Maybelle in the multi-award winning musical, Hairspray to rave reviews. As part of the Cultural Olympiad and London 2012, Johnnie acted in Mark Rylance's What You Will: Pop-up Shakespeare troupe; performing impromptu pieces in public spaces around the capital.

Johnnie’s other theatre appearances have included Bob Balaban’s critically acclaimed production of The Exonerated, Robert Lepage’s chilling 1984, and musicals such as Thoroughly Modern Millie and 125th Street. Alongside her theatre roles Johnnie has starred in Powder Room and acted as a co-host on Living's Living with the Dead and guest medium on Most Haunted for Living TV. 

And Johnnie Fiori produces a polished and confident performance as the nurse, handling the belligerent Willie like a naughty schoolboy.

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