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The Comedy of Errors

Role Dromio of Syracuse
Director Nancy Meckler
The Comedy of Errors is Nancy Meckler’s 2005 production of Shakespeare’s Comedy.

It tells the story of Egeon, a merchant of Syracuse, who is imprisoned and given 24 hours to pay a large fine or face execution. Elsewhere in the city, his long lost twin sons Antipholus of Ephesus and Antipholus of Syracuse face a series of increasingly farcical obstacles as they are repeatedly mistaken for one another.

Jonathan plays Dromio of Syracuse in the production.
The Comedy of Errors

There’s a spectacularly funny turn by Jonathan Slinger as Dromio of Syracuse Maxwell Cooter
What's On Stage

(Jonathan Slinger) is drily hilarious throughout, more hangdog than Droopy in a noose. Brian Logan
The Observer/The Guardian

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