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My Dear Ones

book | May 2016
UK & Comm → HarperCollins (Ed. Andrew Lyon)

One Family and the Final Solution

Unearthing a collection of letters in a trunk on a balcony in Jerusalem which had lain untouched for sixty years, Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg was captivated and horrified by the lost stories of his father's family in the years from 1938 to 1948. Retracing his family's history through the correspondence, he was led on an epic and tragic family saga, as the family were scattered to London, New York and Jerusalem, to Theresienstadt, Auschwitz and Treblinka.

Jonathan Wittenberg's captivating family history negotiates the encounter between the nature and power of evil in the twentieth century and, set against it, the tenacity of family bonds, love and belief.


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It’s a powerful and illuminating book.

Edward Stourton
Full Review

One of Britain's greatest religious thinkers – asking the toughest, and most enduring, questions. It's time Britain got the chance to hear him in his own voice, telling his own story.

Jonathan Freedland

My Dear Ones evokes a whole lost world… heartrending and unputdownable.

Baroness Rabbi Julia Neuberger

Moving – at times almost unbearably so – and fascinating.

Antonia Fraser

A tour de force, and a subject very close to the hearts of so many.

Anne Sebba

Documents starkly how lives and communities were shattered as the Nazis tightened their grip. 

Jennifer Lipman

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