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How to Be Human

book | Non-Fiction | Apr 2021
US → Simon & Schuster (Ed. Priscilla Painton)

An Autistic Man's Guidebook to Life

A memoir about the first autistic Rhodes Scholar, 22-year-old Jory Fleming. Drawing from Jory’s personal essays and fragments of his childhood memories, this book will piece together how Jory channelled his autism into pure genius. 

Jory’s remarkable story will be a beacon of hope to the millions of families affected by autism, and an inspiration to all.


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This is a beautiful and astonishing book from a beautiful and astonishing young man. It will inspire you and make you more aware of the inner life of your own mind and that of those around you. Our world, and each of us in it, could use an autistic circuit breaker at times, and Jory’s book offers us that gift.

Walter Isaacson

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