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Jack the Lad and Bloody Mary

book | 2013
1939. Jackie and Mary are just two of the millions of ordinary Londoners whose lives are changed by the most extraordinary of circumstances. Unmarried yet very much in love, their life together before the war is ordered and conventional enough: Jackie’s work as a labourer brings in modest but adequate funds while Mary is content in her role about the house.

The coming of war changes all of this as under the influence of the slyly affable Jonathan Leakey, a go-between for the urbane, sinister and thoroughly corrupting Nigel Wisley, Jackie is inveigled into underworld activities which soon earn him the local nickname Jack the Lad. Jackie’s friend and erstwhile drinking partner, Dickie Wheat, finds his life similarly altered, what with doctors being more in demand than ever before. Perhaps most changed though is Mary, the circumstances of whose transformation make up the bloody heart and soul of this novel.

A story of love and domestic routine unsettled by a seemingly distant war come to home shores, Jack the Lad and Bloody Mary is an unforgettable depiction of life during wartime by a contemporary master.

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Jack the Lad and Bloody Mary
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