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The Cancer Ladies Running Club

book | 2020

The Cancer Ladies Running Club is an honest, heart-warming, uplifting book with a mission to do some debunking on this tricky subject that affects one in seven women in this country. When Keira receives her breast cancer diagnosis she doesn’t want anything to change. She doesn’t want to have to tell her family and she doesn’t want to step back from work, where her business partner is already taking a free rein. She doesn’t want to sit in a hospital and stare mortality in the face, nor be part of a group of fellow cancer sufferers. Cancer is not her club. But, as she is forced to accept everything necessarily must change and her health becomes something she can’t rely on, she finds herself embracing running. Hot, sweaty, vomit-inducing running in the company of a tribe of women going through treatment. One step at a time Keira is going to reclaim something. Her life, her children and her business. 

This is a book about friendship -- old friends and new friends and friends who turn out not to be friends at all. It's about long-term marriage, bringing up teenagers, failing parents, mid-life crises, saying goodbye and, simply, how to get through the day.


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Kinneret Zmora Bitan
Sekwa Forlag

This life affirming book will make you weep -- and jump for joy. A heart-warming story about bravery and compassion, friendship and family. Beautifully written, witty and moving.

Freya North

This inspirational, hard-hitting, warm and funny book pulsated with truth and experience. I laughed, cried, learnt a lot, and could NOT put it down. This one will be a huge summer hit.

Louise Beech

Beautiful and brave, powerful and emotional. An incredibly special book. I cried and laughed and fell in love with the characters, I learnt about love, humility, honesty, kindness and compassion, and to cherish every day.

Alex Brown

The Cancer Ladies' Running Club is that rare thing -- a story as honest as it is entertaining, and as funny as it is fearless ... It is a novel that celebrates friendship and the messy wonder of family, and is an inspiring and insightful story that makes you want to tell your loved ones how amazing they are and then run up a mountain shouting 'I CAN.' It made me believe in life, in love and in the power we all have to overcome the worst -- an unmissable, hopeful and life-changing read.​

Katie Marsh

A searingly honest, but fiercely positive story about the importance of friendship and the power of hope told with Josie's characteristic warmth and humour.

Mike Gayle

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