Julius Amedume

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Producer Nuala O'Leary Starring
  • Sonya Cassidy
  • Jimmy Jean-Louis
  • Martin Turner
    Production Company National Film and Television School

    Julius co-wrote with Joe Mattei and directed this short film for his graduation from the NFTS. The film has been picked to be developed into a feature through the school's Passion to Market scheme.

    Roman is flown in to do a job, maybe his last. It is the evening before Jasper’s financial wrong-doings become public and Jasper’s co-conspirators are unsure if Jasper will talk or take the fall. What should be a straightforward pick up and drop off for Roman is not: Jasper wants to make one last stop along the way. As the world around Roman and Jasper closes in, will Jasper tie up his loose ends? Will Roman get him out? Or will this be their last journey, whether they like it or not?

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