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Yours Troolie, Alice Toolie

book | Fiction | Aug 2018
ANZ → Allen & Unwin Pty

Meet Alice Toolie—seriously famous youtootuber, and lead jellyfish in the school jazz ballet—and absolutely not a good friend of Jimmy Cook in this stand-alone humorous story from the CBC award-winning writers of the Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers series.

Something very bad has happened to Alice Toolie. Her very secret diary (with a super cute picture of a baby hedgehog on the cover) has been read by her very worst enemy—Jimmy Cook.

It's war! Until Ms Fennel decides that Alice and Jimmy need to make peace. She insists that they become pen pals for the term to try and work out their differences... or find their similarities.

Alice and Jimmy set off to navigate the choppy waters of third grade—including a ghostly mystery and a big school fete—through two very different sets of eyes. When these sworn enemies combine their many magnificent talents, it can only end in hilarious fun, spooky and gloopy disaster!

This is the first Alice Toolie book in the Captain Jimmy Cook universe and can be read independently of the Jimmy Cook Discover series.

Yours Troolie, Alice Toolie addresses the gap in seriously funny books for girls, with humour derived from a mix of social situations, historical misunderstandings and perceptions of identity.


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