Kate Fleetwood

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King Lear

Role Goneril
Director Sam Mendes
National Theatre

Sam Mendes directs this highly anticipated production of William Shakespeare's King Lear at the National Theatre.

Kate plays Goneril, eldest daughter of Simon Russell-Beale’s King Lear. She grows ever more ruthless and power-hungry as the rightful king of England starts to loose his grip on reality.

King Lear

The wicked sisters are terrific too, with Kate Fleetwood a tense ruthless Goneril Charles Spencer
The Telegraph

Kate Fleetwood's quietly venomous Goneril is also perfectly contrasted with Anna Maxwell Martin's extrovert and hysterically cruel Regan. Michael Billington
The Guardian

As Lear’s eldest daughter Goneril, Kate Fleetwood is icily severe. Henry Hitchings
London Evening Standard

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