Kate Fleetwood

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Role Lady Macbeth
Director Rupert Goold
Gielgud Theatre/Chichester Festival Theatre
Rupert Goold’s stark interpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth is set in a bleak non-specific Eastern European state eerily reminiscent of Stalinist Russia. Performed on a sparse set consisting of a white-tiled basement and a creaking, steam filled elevator, Goold reimagines Macbeth as a vicious, bloodthirsty spectacle.

Kate's ferocious and sexual Lady Macbeth won wide critical acclaim and was nominated for a Tony Award.

[Stewart] is superbly partnered by Kate Fleetwood's Lady M, whose capacity to imagine dashing out her child's brains is an index of a deeply disturbed mind. Michael Billington
The Guardian

At the start there is no doubt that Kate Fleetwood's Lady Macbeth, a sexy, raven-haired siren, seductively luring her husband on to murder, is the real power in the marriage. Charles Spencer
The Telegraph

The Macbeth of a lifetime. Nicholas de Jongh
Evening Standard

Her scenes with Mr. Stewart, which chart the couple’s progress from irresistible mutual attraction to repulsion, are stunners. Ben Brantley
New York Times

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