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What's Eating You?

book | Non-Fiction | 2011
ANZ → Random House
How to Find Peace with Food and your Body

Modern women don’t just eat food, they eat words, emotions and circumstances, too. What’s Eating You? The Five Mantras to finding peace with food and your body delves into the psychology of eating and the constant battle women have with their bodies. With a mix of qualified research, personal stories and almost a decade of professional experience, What’s Eating You? provides both philosophical and practical, employable solutions to overcoming the hidden cues influencing women’s eating behaviours, lifestyle and health.

Avoiding the clinical, overly instructive formula often found in nutrition and diet books, What’s Eating You? incorporates the cerebral as well as the physical, calling on legendary philosophers, spiritual leaders and ancient wisdom to holistically reshape the way women think about food and their bodies and serve as the ultimate guide to health and wellness.

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What's Eating You?
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