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Into My Arms

book | Fiction | 2013
World → Allen & Unwin Pty

The kiss ignited something, blew it into being, and afterwards, all Skye could think about was Ben.

One day a woman meets a man and falls instantly and irrevocably in love with him. It hits her like a thunderbolt, and she has to have him, has to be with him, regardless of the cost, of the pain of breaking up her existing relationship. She has never felt more in synch – or in love – with anyone in her whole life. So this is how it feels, she thinks to herself, this is what real love feels like.

It’s like that for him too; he wants her in a way he’s never wanted anything or anyone before: obsessively, passionately, all-consumingly.

She has found her one true love, her soul mate, and he has found his.

What happens next will tear them apart and unleash havoc onto their worlds.

This brave, brilliant, electrifying novel from the acclaimed author of After the Fall and Last Summer, will move you deeply and shock you to your core. Love, lust and longing have rarely wielded such power, nor family secrets triggered such devastation.


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Into My Arms
Into My Arms
Into My Arms

This deftly woven literary exploration of love in all its forms, longing for the impossible and family secrets long held, is a haunting reminder that seemingly innocent decisions in the past can all too easily shape our futures.
Book Muster Down Under

A book so beautifully written that you find yourself totally immersed and engaged. And a book where the ending is so purposely fitting.
J F Gibson

Into My Arms presents a shocking moral dilemma and a deep exploration of all the emotions involved. It is a brave, compelling and unforgettable novel of love, lust, and loss and one which I highly recommend.
Maree's Musings

Into My Arms is a powerful novel that tackles a controversial phenomenon. It’s about love, it’s about obsession, it’s about finding your soulmate, that one person you’re supposed to be with and having it all go hopelessly wrong. It’s about the power of family and the ties that bind and bring people back together, even after the most terrible secrets have broken them.
1 Girl 2 Many Books

Shocking and surprisingly touching, Into My Arms is a book I would highly recommend to people who like a bit of a challenge. Monique Mulligan
Write Note Reviews

I found Into My Arms to be a fascinating and thought provoking novel. I devoured it in hours and I suspect it will stimulate discussion amongst all who read it.
Book'd Out

Into My Arms made me sad. It made me think, it made me want to share it. I guess that’s all I can say apart from “Read it, it’s brilliant.” A definite recommendation.

Sarah Ayoub

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