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Last Summer

book | Fiction | 2011
ANZ → Allen & Unwin Pty
Rory Buchanan is a typical Aussie knockabout bloke: a born leader, a good sportsman, a devoted family man and an all-round good guy. He captains the second-grade cricket side at Regents Park Cricket Club and all his friends adore him. One day, however, Rory dies suddenly at a training session, and this tragic event creates enormous shockwaves and repercussions that irrevocably affect the lives of his team-mates and their wives and children.

Told from the points of view of the nine people who are mourning Rory, this riveting novel presents a vivid snapshot of contemporary suburban Australia and how we live now. Marriage, friendship, family - all are dissected with great psychological insight as they start to unravel under the pressure of grief. The characters live on the page, their lives are unfolded and their dilemmas are as real as our own.

Last Summer
is a novel about loss - the terrible pain of losing a husband, brother or friend, but also all those smaller losses that everyone must face: the loss of youth, the shattering of dreams, the fading of convictions and the change in our notions of who we thought we were. It is also about what comes after the loss: how we pick up the pieces and the way we remake our lives. And about what we keep hidden from the ones we love - and ourselves - and how buried secrets never stay in the past.


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Last Summer

Putting a magnifying glass on suburban life and revealing what lies beneath a very familiar surface, this is a superb tale of friendship, love, loss, depression, desire, joy, and enlightenment. Michelle Segal
Sunday Herald Sun
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Ladd has created here an absorbing and compelling tale about the fragility of human relationships, and how we can never know with certainty what the future holds and, when it arrives, how we will react Germaine Leece
Word of Mouth
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