Laura Pyper

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Punk Rock

Role Lily (Lead)
Director Sarah Frankcom
Lyric Hammersmith/ Tour
Punk Rock is set in a Stockport grammar school. The stage is a dank, dusty library. The pupils are precocious middle-class 17-year-olds whose banter, by turns funny, insightful and cruel, fuel the volatile environment that they inhabit.

Laura played Lily, a bright A-Level student applying for Oxbridge with whom the obsessive and destructive William Carlisle falls in love.
Punk Rock

Franckom's production is scorchingly acted, particularly by Laura Pyper as the smart-mouthed, self-harming new girl. Sam Marlowe
Time Out

Jessica Jackson & Frances Stevenson
+44 (0)20 7393 4343
Email Jessica Jackson & Frances Stevenson
Frances Stevenson & Jessica Jackson
+44 (0)20 7393 4343
Email Frances Stevenson & Jessica Jackson