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Blood Oranges

book | Fiction | 2014
Israel → Kinneret Publishing House (Ed. Ziv Lewis)
In Petach Tikva, Anat Nachmias works at the local police station and deals with petty crime. That's the only type of crime on offer. She finds her work to be discouraging and boring.

So, when a woman arrives at the police station and claims that her husband - an investigative reporter with a local newspaper - is missing, Anat, attacks the investigation with fervor. All this to the great regret of her superiors, who believe that crime does not exist here. After all, people do not go missing in Petach Tikva.

Anat's investigation receives a significant boost when Ido Dolev - young, good-looking, witty and cynical - starts taking an interest in the missing journalist. Although Anat and Ido have very different goals, they realize that in order to bring the truth to light, they must cooperate.

The reality that they uncover makes them doubt everything they had ever thought about Petach Tikva.

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Hr Ferdinand
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Blood Oranges
Blood Oranges

The champion of Israeli thrillers. A painful deep dive to the roots of illness of Israeli society, also known as corruption. It doesn't get any more Israeli than this. Ran Ben Nun
Yedioth Harchronot

As usual with Shoham's writing, the plot flows, the writing is smooth and enjoyment is promised to all fans of the genre. Anat Bar Lev Efrati

Liad Shoham's new thriller became an immediate best seller due to in depth research, a balance between plot and characterization and strong links to Israeli reality… It is exactly the book to buy at the airport before boarding a flight, to read with boundless passion, admire Liad Shoham's ability to reflect the issues concerning Israeli society, and to gift to the air crew once you land. Let them enjoy it too, why not? Elit Carp
Haaretz Books

Enthralling, with dark twists at every turn, an effective thriller that will have you guessing until the last page. Adi Shtamberger
Jerusalem Post Books

The intricate plot combines a police investigation, murder and crime, and brings to the surface loaded questions and forgotten historical episodes. This is a fascinating and enjoyable thriller built on captivating subject matter and well-written drama. Moshe Nisboim
Saturday Night Books

Liad Shoham is one of Israel's successful thriller writers. He can create steaming hot scenes and describe them well, as he is a lawyer and well versed in the process of investigation and very familiar with the halls of justice. A superb thriller. Shay Doron
Nana - Channel 10

Liad Shoham's new thriller, is slightly reminiscent in style of Harlan Coban: well-paced plot, many threads and characters, short chapters, meeting the reader head-on, and providing a clear, comprehensive resolution….Shoham knows how to write action scenes, and is familiar with his characters' surroundings, whether they be law offices or the corridors of city hall, and is therefore able to paint it in familiar and convincing colors. Orit Harel

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