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One of Ours

book | Fiction | 2016
World → Kinneret Zmora Bitan

On a cold winter day, the brutal murder of the local principal shakes Gofna, a little solitary religious settlement in the Binyamin mountains. 

Yoav, the son of the settlement's rabbi and spiritual leader, is taking a leave of absence from his training for the Israeli Security Agency ("Shabak") to introduce Anat, his new girlfriend, to his parents. But Inspector Anat Nachmias is not his partner, but a police detective he’s met only a few days earlier, when they were both tasked with the undercover investigation of the principal's murder. Yoav and Anat now have just forty eight hours to prove the murder was not an act of terrorism before the entire area ignites. 

But the two find out that nothing is as it appears and tension rises between Yoav, his family and the community he left behind, while Anat and Yoav become ever closer. As the outside temperatures drop, a sudden snow storm blocks the roads and electricity fails, Yoav and Anat find themselves alone, facing a suspicious community as their cover is blown.

One of Ours is a fast paced thriller, moving seamlessly between life in isolated Gofna and down-town Tel Aviv, between innocence and evil, between a life in a close-knit community and urban solitude, between religious belief and secular life, exposing to the reader in an authentic and rich way to life in a distant settlement in the West Bank.


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