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We Ate The Road Like Vultures

book | Fiction | Apr 2016

Lulu, Adolf, a moose and a Hummer...

If you’re in the mood for madness and mayhem, this book satisfies like chocolate cake with more than a touch of chilli.

Lulu, a teenage Australian runaway on a unlikely mission, knows bullshit when she hears it and she’s hearing it from the two ‘ornery old geezers she discovers living with an Alaskan moose named Capote, and Salinger, a suicidal circus elephant, on a remote Mexican haçienda.

She is on a quest that has taken her halfway around the world—hitching rides, sleeping at truck stops and generally trying to evade Interpol—to prove that ‘Chicco’ and ‘Carousel’, with their stained kaftans and hesitant prostates, were once better known as Jack Kerouac and his muse, Neal Cassady.

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