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Bientot Minuit

book | Fiction | Feb 2021
World French → Flammarion (Ed. Anna Pavlowitch)

Emma and Lucien have been lovers for decades. They made a promise to grow old together should their respective spouse pass away. Emma has been a widow for seven years. She’s waiting for Lucien. But Lucien is losing his mind and has let himself be placed in a supposedly “premium” retirement home by his daughter. Lucien goes from one disillusionment to the next as sadness, resignation and mistreatment are around every corner. How are you meant to keep on living in a place of death? When Emma learns of Lucien’s whereabouts, she decides to join him.

Bientot Minuit tells the story of life which persists against all odds, of the spark that is muffled but always reborn, of a group of elders, vessels of memories, that will, despite the suffering, manage to escape.


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