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Elle Est Le Vent Furieux

book | Fiction | 2021
World French → Flammarion (Ed. Céline Vial)

Sophie Adriansen
Marie Alhinho
Marie Pavlenko
Coline Pierré
Cindy Van Wilder
Flore Vesco

Mother Nature is awake and humanity will feel her wrath!

Monkeys take over a hotel resort in Indonesia, strange mutants live in a nearly submerged 23rd Century New Orleans, nature grows over everything including human bodies, Extinction Games are set up by Nature itself in an attempt to get rid of humans...

Six bestselling authors each explore a different side of Mother Nature’s anger, imagining a world in which humans have to change their ways or else face extinction. Will humanity adapt in time?

Find out in this timely and essential collection of short stories that will be a lead title for Flammarion in January 2021.


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