Mike Cullen

Playwright and writer for television
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Mike left school at the age of sixteen to work in the coal mines as an apprentice electrician, with the goal of funding a future career as a rock star. He became a rock 'n' roll star has-been shortly after, went back into education and, in 1992, graduated from Edinburgh University with an Honours degree in Linguistics.

In his final year at university, he wrote his hugely successful stage play The Cut, instead of attending classes. His writing career took off and, in 1996, Mike became writer-in-residence at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, under the Thames TV Bursary Scheme.

He went on to write extensively for television, creating the hit crime series Donovan. His stage writing also continued apace, and he won a Fringe First at the Edinburgh Festival in 1997 with his play, Anna Weiss.

Mike plays guitar in various local bands and has been known to sing, if provoked.  His hobbies include living like a rock star, beer and sewing.




  • Frank Gallagher
  • Kenneth Glenaan
  • Jim Twaddale

    Debut stage play set in a mine pit

    Tron Theatre, Glasgow
    Play about a debt collector
    Traverse Theatre
    Anna Weiss
    Winner of a Fringe First and an Independent On Sunday Award
    Director Vicky Featherstone
  • Anne Marie Timoney
  • Iona Carbans
    Gripping play about the phenomenon of False Memory Syndrome
    Traverse Theatre



    Stone Cold
    Winner of the Royal Television Society Award for Drama 1997
    Producer Andrew Rowley
    Director Stephen Whittaker
  • Camilla Power
  • Peter Howitt
  • Susan Vidler

    Adaptation of the Robert Swindells' novel

    BBC Screen Two/ Scene
    Director Jim Twaddale
  • Gary Lewis
  • Stephen McCole

    Love story set in a public toilet

    Channel 4
    Umbrella Productions



  • Scott Fletcher
  • Stephen McCole
  • Stephen Purdon
  • Tom Urie

    Drama series set in a tight knit Glasgow community

    BBC for BBC1
    Producer Matthew Bird
    Director Ben Bolt
  • Lucy Cohu
  • Lee Ingleby
  • Poppy Lee Friar
  • Martin Shaw

    Sixth series of the police drama set in the 1960s

    Company Pictures for BBC One
    Series about a female psychologist
    BBC Scotland
    In development
    Creator Tim Haines and Adrian Hodges
    Producer Tim Bradley
    Director Tony Mitchell
  • Douglas Henshall
  • Hannah Spearritt
  • Andrew-Lee Potts
  • Lucy Brown
    British science fiction television series
    Impossible Pictures for ITV
  • Blythe Duff
  • Colin McCredie
  • Alex Norton
    Detective series set in Glasgow
    STV Productions for ITV1
    Creator Stephen Volk
    Producer Murray Ferguson
    Director various
  • Lesley Sharp
  • Andrew Lincoln
    Chilling, supernatural television series
    Clerkenwell Films for ITV
    Creator Stephen Gallaghar
    Producer Andy Harries
    Director Roger Gartland and Terry McDonough
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Ashley Jensen
    Television series about a scientist who works at the Home Office
    Granda Television for ITV
    2 x 90'
    Producer Shefali Malhoutra
    Director Philip Martin
  • Emma Pierson
  • Max Beasley
    Crime drama television film
    Granda Television for ITV
    Creator Mike Cullen
    Producer Andy Harries
    Director Simon Delaney
  • Tom Conti
  • Samantha Bond
    Original two part film about a retired pathologist who is called back to work when his name is found written in blood on the wall at the scene of a murder.
    Granada Television for ITV
    The Vice
    3 x 90'
    Producer Various
    Director Various
  • Ken Stott
  • David Harewood
    Crime drama series
    Carlton Television for ITV
    2 Part Film
    Granada for ITV
    Touching Evil: Series 2
    Nominated for Best Television Feature at the Edgar Awards 2001
    Creator Paul Abbot
  • Robson Green
  • Nicola Walker
    Crime drama series
    United Television for ITV
    Producer Helen Gregory
    Director Roy Battersby
  • Ross Kemp
  • Sophie Okonedo
  • Liz May Brice
  • Jeff Nuttall
    Television series about a defence lawyer
    Granada Television for ITV
    Horatio Hornblower: The Fire Ship
    Winner for Emmy Award for Outstanding Mini-Series 1999
    1 x 90'
    Producer Andrew Benson
    Director Andrew Grieve
  • Ioan Gruffudd
  • Denis Lawson
  • Robert Lindsay
  • Ian McNeice
    Television series based on C. S. Forester's novels
    Picture Palace for ITV
    3 x 120'
    Producer Murray Ferguson
    Director Peter Smith
  • Suzanna Hamilton
  • John Hannah
  • Richard Moore
  • Gerard Murphy
    Television series about a forensic pathologist
    STV for ITV1