Natalia Tena

Natalia has recently finished filming the lead role in Refugees a co production between BBC and Atresmedia Television. She won Best Actress at the Malaga Film Festival for her performance in '10,000km'. The film itself picked up awards for Best Director, Best New Screenwriter and the Critic's Award.

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...fair-skinned beauty Tena makes a virtue of her character’s indecision, doing justice to Alex’s guilt as well as her joy. In a film so perceptive about the difficulties of human interaction in the modern era, this is acting that never fails to hold the viewer close.

Justin Chang
Variety on 10,000 KM

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The real find [...] is Natalia Tena as the feisty and dynamic Morello...She confirms she has the dynamism and personality to handle a lead role.

Mark Adams
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