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The Storm and the Spring

book | Non-Fiction | Apr 2023

What Cycles of History Tell Us About Our Next Rendezvouz With Destiny

In 1997, Neil Howe’s The Fourth Turning issued a prophecy about our nation’s future which was shockingly right. Based on his (and co-author Bill Strauss’s) paradigm of the cyclical nature of history, they predicted that a catastrophic event would occur in the 2020s, similar to the catastrophic events of the Great Depression and the Civil War, which also occurred during “fourth turnings” in our history.

Twenty-three years later, Neil now gives us his next prophesy —what happens in the second half of the Fourth Turning, and most appealingly, what happens in the next First Turning which, like other first turnings in history, is a time of fresh starts and civil renewal. This is true for America and for the world.


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