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Stone Country

book | Fiction | Mar 2019
ANZ → Transworld Publishers

South Australia, 1919. Ross Grant has always felt like the black sheep of his wealthy Scottish family. An explorer at heart, he dreams of life on Waybell, their remote cattle station in Australia's last remaining wilderness, the Northern Territory. 

Then his brother Alastair is branded a deserter after going missing during the Great War. To help restore the Grants' damaged reputation, Ross is coerced into marrying Darcey Thomas, a woman he has never met. Disgusted by his manipulative family, he turns his back on his unwanted wife just hours after the ceremony, and heads to Waybell with no plans to return. He carries with him the hope of carving his own empire in the far north.

But Ross has not counted on Darcey's determination to be his wife in more than just name. Nor did he anticipate meeting Maria, a young, part-Chinese woman who will capture his heart. And he certainly wasn't prepared for how this beautiful yet savage land will both captivate and destroy his soul . . . 

From nineteenth-century Adelaide and the red dirt of mid-north South Australia, to the cattle stations and buffalo plains of the far north Ross's journey is one of anger and desire, adventure and determination, to the heart of stone country and beyond.


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'.... a gripping tale that covers the period between the two World Wars and travels from Adelaide to South Australia’s mid-north and the pioneering buffalo plains and cattle stations of the Northern Territory.'

Australian Country Magazine
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Stone Country is a gripping emotional journey set against the Australian landscape so vivid and visceral, that you feel as though you are there, surrounded by the blood-red dirt in the searing sun, Fans of sweeping historical fiction, outback adventure and family drama, will love every minute of it.

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Stone Country covers a period of 38 years from 1901, where life is brutal and hard in the outback. It is a sweeping drama which displays the Australian outback in all its glory and remoteness.

Good Reading

The novel is fast paced with believable characters who etch out their lives in the harsh Northern Territory. The author's description of the wet season is so vivid you can almost feel the oppressive heat.

Weekly Times, Melbourne

Skillful and moving.

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