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The Punch

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David believes that at heart, people are inherently rotten. Scott, his brother, believes that his life is going to fall apart, and that everyone he loves will leave him. Doris, their mother, believes that she has nothing to lose by revealing a 60-year-old family secret.

This hysterically biting and ultimately redeeming novel by Noah Hawley proves them all right and wrong while answering some of life's biggest questions. Like, how did Scott end up with two wonderful wives simultaneously? And why can't David manage to keep even one dysfunctional relationship going? It all comes down to love and families and what you believe in and, maybe, forgiveness.


Katie McGowan manages the translation rights for The Punch


The Punch

Along the way, a family secret is revealed, two hotels are nearly blown up and the trio explores what it means to be a family...the memorial service at the legendary White Horse Tavern provides a rollicking climax.
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Brotherly love never hurt so good
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Like an American Martin Amis, Noah Hawley expertly rides the line between hilarity and horror Tom Barbash
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