Oliver Lansley

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The Vaudevillains

Producer Oliver Lansley Director Elgiva Field, James Seager Starring
  • Marcus Ellard
  • Keith Hill
  • Catriona MacKenzie
  • Philip Oakland
    Charing Cross Theatre

    Les Enfants Terribles present a night at The Empire music hall. However, tonight's show will be a little different as Charlie, the owner, has fallen victim to a murder most foul.

    Could it be the nervy knife thrower, the sexy siamese triplets, the deranged ventriloquist, the macarbre mime artist or the mystifying magician? Everyone's a suspect as we explore the weird and wonderful acts that make up The Empire's show bill.

    The Vaudevillains

    Les Enfants Terribles are unique and deserve...to go and fill the shoes of such ground breaking outfits as Theatre de Complicite, stimulating audiences for years to come Mark Freeland, Head of BBC Comedy

    truly exceptional ... a mesmerizing acoustic production ... the dark comedy tone, superb alliterative narration ... and an engaging storyline that combines elements of the macabre, humour, murder-mystery and a plethora of plot twists combines to create a production that is fitting for its grand stage Nick Eardley
    Fest Mag

    a marvel worthy of the Victorian music hall ... a gloriously over-the-top gothic musical ... Each is a strong singer and charater actor, with Oliver Lansley as The Compere particularly impressive
    Edinburgh Spotlight

    Lansley is, as usual, majestic ... a master of comic timing and flawless delivery ... a superlative production from the best theatre group to ever grace the Edinburgh Fringe. Celebrating their tenth year, LET has surpassed its own excellent standards, making The Vaudevillains perfect in every possible way Adrian G. Velazquez

    This is a perfect miniature musical....The show feels descended from the Sondheim of Sweeney Todd, its humour dark but invigorating; the violence is kept on a cheerful Hallowe’en-ish level and framed in affection for a time when music hall aimed to amuse working people at the end of a hard week...as twisted as barley-sugar...Undemanding pleasure all the way.... words fail me Libby Purves
    The Times

    Its deliciously grisly sensibility is cohesively realised through inventive staging, beautiful costumes and design, lusty performances and rollicking music. They should make a killing Ben Walters
    Time Out

    The Vaudevillains is bursting with both atmosphere and talent... strikes me as a cult hit in the making Charles Spencer
    The Daily Telegraph

    Les Enfants Terribles Vaudevillains is good macabre fun, has the makings of cult fringe show Lyn Gardner

    What is apparent throughout this all-singing, all-killing romp is the joy of the artistry behind it. The creators have fastidiously presented a beautiful and grotesque little music box for us... solidifies this company as one that is worthy of a watch indeed
    London Festival Fringe

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