Oliver Lansley

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Producer Charlie Hanson, Michelle Farr Starring
  • Darren Boyd
  • Alan Davis
    Production Company BBC
    Broadcaster BBC2
    Set in the kitchen of a country house hotel, Whites introduces head chef Roland White and his long suffering sous chef Bib. Based on Matt King's experiences of working in top kitchens, the show follows Roland's attempts at reinvigorating his restaurant and reputation.

    Whites is the first time Oliver and Matt King have collaborated on a project and received much critical acclaim on its release. Described as 'a perfect example of the modern sitcom' and peopled with strong performances from some of British comedy's best performers, including Katherine Parkinson, Darren Boyd and Isy Sutie, the shows opening episode drew 2.5 million views, gaining a 10% audience share.

    Virgin On The Disrespectful, Whites

    A perfect example of the modern sitcom
    The Times

    One of the best comedy debuts of the year
    The Guardian

    Whites is enormous fun…its outstanding quality is the strength of the characters. Because the characters are so strong, the humour emerges naturally and it promises to be comic highlight of the weeks to come
    The Sunday Times

    an uncommonly intelligent script, peopled by fully formed characters, in a kitchen setting more realistic than most reality cooking shows
    Mail on Sunday

    Filmed so realistically we can almost smell the shallots frying, there’s grit and gristle here, as well as some heart. Writers Matt King and Oliver Lansley skewer their culinary targets pretty thoroughly too. There’s also some serious comic talent on display throughout
    The Sun

    it is one of the many delights and revelations of this enjoyable new comedy that Davies so excellently fleshes out the role of Roland White... A very welcome addition to Tuesday nights Gerard O'Donovan
    Daily Telegraph

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