Olly Alexander

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The Dish and The Spoon

Role Leading Role
Director Alison Standefer
Production Company Camelot Entertainment Group
Dish & The Spoon is the story of Rose, a woman descending into an emotional tailspin after her husband admits to an affair. Hell-bent on revenge, she drives to a boarded-up Delaware beach town to hunt down the other woman. Instead, she discovers a stranded British teenage boy (Olly Alexander) marooned on the beach.
The Dish and The Spoon

crazy hair and a bucketload of talent Melanie Haupt
The Austin Chronicle

Alexander proves a worthily understated foil, his self-deprecatory whimsy recalling that of a young Johnny Depp. Ronnie Scheib

this film is a joy Alice Gray
Sound On Sight

Olly Alexander (is) ..this lost boy becomes her (Greta Gerwig's) constant companion and caretaker. The mismatched pair stumbles through a series of small adventures that build towards an unconventional romance in this funny and affecting film.

S.T. VanAirsdale
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