Omar El-Khairy

Writer for theatre and film.

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Omar is a writer for stage and screen.

He was part of the Young Writers Programmes at both the Royal Court Theatre and Soho Theatre and a former Leverhulme Associate Playwright at the Bush Theatre.

His plays include Burst, Sour Lips, The Keepers of Infinite Space and The Chaplain: or, a short tale of how we learned to love good Muslims whilst torturing bad ones.

His last play Homegrown was originally commissioned as part of the National Youth Theatre's 2015 season, and was published independently in 2017. Lyn Gardner described Homegrown as ‘gloriously authentic, snapping and crackling with the sense of young people’.

Omar is also a founding member of Paper Tiger, a collective of theatre and filmmakers, working collaboratively and autonomously.

His first short film No Exit received its world premiere at last year's Dubai International Film Festival and screened both nationally and internationally. He is currently working on his first feature-length screenplay. He is in the process of developing two television projects, including a mixed form documentary with Playground Entertainment.

Omar also holds a PhD in Sociology from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is a member of the 2017 Old Vic Twelve, and is working on a new original play with the theatre.




Producer Nabokov

Written as part of the Nabokov Latitude Festival's 'Reformation Nation' event uniting music, storytelling and spoken word on the dancefloor. Dj Sweetpea hosted by Deefa MC.

Latitude Festival
Producer Plains Plough in partnership with the Tamasha Developing Artists programme.

Written as part of Come to Where I'm From's London series listen to plays from around the UK online at or via the Come to Where I'm From app available free from the app store.

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Producer The Yard in association with Paper Tiger
Director Stef O'Driscoll

Rahim, also known to some as Michael, lives in a peculiar state. When people approach him they see only his surroundings, themselves, or figments of their own imagination - indeed, everything and anything except him. But Rahim isn't scared. He's no long hiding from the world around him. Today, there will be no more cries for help.

The Yard
Producer Bush Theatre and Rose Bruford College
Director Alon Tiran
Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf
Producer Offstage Theatre and Underbelly Productions in association with Theatre Uncut
Director Offstage Theatre and Underbelly Productions in association with Theatre Uncut
Topside, Underbelly
Producer National Youth Theatre
Director Nadia Latif

A site-specific theatrical response to the phenomenon of young people leaving Britain to join Islamic State. The immersive piece explores the implications of radicalisation and extremism on the people and communities behind the headlines.

UCL Academy
Producer Caroline Rooney and Chris Foxon
Director Zoe Lafferty

Saeed is a bookseller in Nablus. His father Khalil is a property developer. They're an ordinary family, quietly building a new Palestine. Until one day Saeed is arrested and thrown into gaol. As his future disappears, Saeed finds that the answer to his problems may lie in the past, and in the secrets his father has kept from him ...

The Park Theatre
Producer Henry Bell
Director Karima Setohy
Orange Tree Theatre, London
Producer Ovalhouse in association with Paper Tiger
Director Carissa Hope Lynch

DAMASCUS 18:00 - Amina was walking near Fares Al-Khouri Street when three armed men seized her. According to an eyewitness, Amina was bustled into a red Dacia Logan with a bumper sticker of Basel Assad. The men are assumed to be members of the Ba'ath Party militia or one of the security services. Amina's present location is still unknown.

Oval House, London
Performed as part of the Rapid Write Rewind Week
Theatre 503, London
Short theatrical response to music as part of the Lyric Lounge
The Lyric, Hammersmith
Director Emma Sampson

Part of Tamasha Theatre Company’s Small Lives Global Ties project

Unicorn Theatre
Director Stef O'Driscoll
Part of Lyric Lounge
The Lyric, Hammersmith
Director Anna Jordan

Reaction piece to the play Charming Man by Gabriel Bisset-Smith

Theatre 503
Director Dan Horrigan

Reaction piece to the play Breed by Lou Ramsden

Theatre 503
Producer Old Vic New Voices
Director Teunkie Van Der Sluijs
Part of the Old Vic New Voices’ T.S. Eliot Exchange
Public Theatre, New York
Director Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway
Arcola Theatre
Producer Neil McPherson
Director Daniel Burgess
With the recession beginning to bite and the impending threat of mass layoffs, workers at the New Media plant find themselves caught up in a bitter struggle with their employers. As union representatives fail to break the deadlock, Ashley decide to take matters into his own hands.
Finborough Theatre
Producer Paper Tiger Productions
Director Tanya Singh

An independent nation rises from the rubble of a defeated colonial regime. Amidst new possibilities for freedom, a quixotic young Sudanese woman dreams of creating a better future. But her equally headstrong mother has other designs - and is hiding secrets of a turbulent past.

Zoo venues, Edinburgh
Director Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway
  • Pippa Bennett-Warner
  • Nyasha Hatendi
  • James Le Feuvre
  • Shane Zaza
    A grown-up fairytale of love and loyalty set in our world, but not just yet.
    Arcola Theatre

    Online distributive narrative project commission

    Soho Theatre

    Writer & Creator



    La Mofar (No Exit)
    Short (11 minutes)
    Director Mohanad Yaqubi

    Like many of his generation, Ali has decided to run away from the hardships of war. Along the way, he meets a stranger at a bus stop - an encounter that will change everything ...

    Idioms Film



    Kudos and Bush Theatre




    One of three participants on a scheme to support young filmmakers.