Paapa Essiedu

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Role Hamlet
Director Simon Godwin

Essiedu has a priceless vitality, speaks the verse intelligently and catches the contradictions of a prince who, even when knowing that his father is in spiritual limbo, heartlessly dispatches two fellow students, “not shriving time allowed”.

Michael Billington
The Guardian

Paapa Essiedu, at the comparatively precocious age of 25, is in thrillingly unforced command of the role, radiating the impudent charisma, energy and wounded idealism of youth.

Essiedu the most compelling youthful Hamlet since Ben Whishaw.

Paul Taylor
The Independent

He’s got it. Paapa Essiedu has that quality that makes you sit up and pay attention. His Hamlet is mischievous and flirtatious, charismatic and sarcastic. He’s kind of obnoxious at times, true, but he also conveys the character’s pain – the mask falls and suddenly there are whole stanzas in his eyes.

Natasha Tripney
The Stage

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