Paul Antony-Barber

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Twelve Angry Men

Role Juror 4
Director Chris Hayden Starring
  • Martin Shaw
  • Robert Vaughn
    Birmingham Rep
    Twelve Angry Men

    Paul Antony-Barber as the vehemently fastidious man whose agonised realisation that he’s got something badly wrong is one of the best things here. Dominic Maxwell
    The Times

    If he’s planning to direct it himself, he should retain Paul Antony-Barber, who plays a pale and exquisitely tailored intellectual who refuses to countenance the suspect’s innocence. With his pained expression and his ill-concealed contempt for the coarseness of his fellow jurors, he looks like T.S. Eliot stuck in the Big Brother house. A brilliant turn. Lloyd Evans
    The Spectator

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