Writer for television, film and theatre

Peter Harness was born and grew up in Yorkshire. He studied English at Oxford University, where he was president of the Oxford Revue.

Peter’s first broadcast script was A View From a Hill (2005), based on a short story by MR James: a revival of the BBC’s beloved ‘Ghost Story for Christmas’ strand. Since then, he has written and created magical, frightening and audacious worlds; focusing on imaginative adaptations of classic tales (such as fantasy epic Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (2015) and The War of the Worlds (2019)), as well as weird and compelling original work, like his new series for Apple TV, Constellation.

Peter has also written a number of theatrical movies (such as his debut feature Is Anybody There? (2008), starring Michael Caine); TV films (including the Spanish Flu drama The Forgotten Fallen (2009) and the Frankie Howerd biopic Rather You Than Me (2008, starring David Walliams)); and contributed episodes to such series as City of Vice (2008), Case Histories (2011-13) and MacMafia (2018).

He wrote and executive produced the third and fourth seasons of the hit detective drama Wallander ((2012-15) starring Kenneth Branagh). He has also written several stories for Doctor Who (2014-17) and is currently penning a novel for their book series.
Peter lives in Sweden and is working on original projects in the UK and Europe. Other upcoming projects include The People vs Gary McKinnon, a feature drama for Wall to Wall Media and the BBC.



Writer & Creator & Executive Producer 

Director Michelle MacLaren
  • Noomi Rapace
  • Jonathan Banks
  • Sci-fi thriller about a woman who returns to Earth after a disaster in space.

    Turbine Studios / Haut et Court TV for Apple TV

    Writer & Executive Producer 

    Adaptation of H.G. Wells' classic sci-fi tale as a 3x60 series for BBC One

    Mammoth Screen for BBC1
    Producer Nick Hirschkorn
    Director Toby Haynes
  • Eddie Marsan
  • Bertie Carvel
  • Alice Englert
  • Marc Warren
  • Adaptation of Susanna Clarke's novel. Set in England during the Industrial Revolution and at the start of the 19th century, Peter Harness’ adaptation of Susanna Clarke’s best-selling novel Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell presents us with a fictional historical backdrop where magic is commonly learnt, though rarely practised. Jonathan Strange’s enthusiasm to practise magic leads him to discover Mr Norrell, the only practising magician left in England.
    Cuba Pictures for BBC1
    Producer Sanne Wohlenberg
    Director Toby Haynes
  • Kenneth Branagh
  • Lead writer and executive producer on the third and fourth series of the acclaimed detective series, with episodes adapted from the books An Event in Autumn, The Dogs of Riga, Before The Frost, and The Troubled Man by Henning Mankell.

    Left Bank for BBC1
    Creator Hossein Amini
    Producer Dixie Linder, Nick Marston
    Director James Watkins

    Adaptation of Misha Glenny's novel

    Cuba Pictures for BBC1


    Case Histories: Series 1 & 2
    BAFTA Scotland - Best Series
    2 x 60’, 1 x 90’
    Producer Eric Coulter, Helen Gregory
    Director Kenny Glenaan, Dan Zeff
  • Zawe Ashton
  • Emma Hamilton
  • Jason Isaacs
  • Amanda Abbington
  • Detective drama based on the novels of Kate Atkinson, with episodes adapted from When Will There Be Good News? and Started Early, Took My Dog.

    Ruby Film and Television for BBC1
    Producer Susan Horth
    Director Justin Hardy
  • Kenneth Cranham
  • Paul Freeman
  • Mark Gatiss
  • Bill Paterson
  • Drama about the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918.

    Hardy & Sons for BBC 4
    1 x 90'
    Producer Sue Horth
    Director Justin Hardy
  • Ian Holm
  • Gemma Lawrence
  • Bjorn Thors
  • Epic miniseries about the Viking invasion of England and the Battle of Hastings.

    Hardy Pictures for Channel 4
    City of Vice
    RTS Nominated: Best Series, Writers Guild Award Nominated: Best Series
    5 x 60'
    Producer Sue Horth
    Director Justin Hardy
  • Iain Glen
  • Ian McDiarmid
  • Multiple episodes of historical drama set in vice-ridden Georgian London about the origins of the English Police force.

    Hardy Pictures for Channel 4
    Producer Ben Evans
    Director John Alexander
  • Rafe Spall
  • David Walliams
  • Biopic about the famous comedian
    BBC Productions for BBC 4
    1 x 60'
    Producer Sue Horth
    Director Justin Hardy
  • Geraldine James
  • Kris Marshall
  • Comedy drama set in medieval London
    Hardy Pictures for BBC4
    Producer Pier Wilkie
    Director Luke Watson
  • David Burke
  • Mark Letheren
  • Pip Torrens
  • Revival of the classic BBC ‘A Ghost Story for Christmas’ strand. Adaptation of a story by MR James.

    BBC Productions for BBC4
    The Waters of Babylon
    Winner: Dennis Potter Screenwriting Award
    1 x 90'
    Winner of the Dennis Potter Screenwriting Award
    BBC Films
    In development
    Pilot of 6 x 60'
    Producer Helen Gregory

    Drama set amongst the inmates of a high security psychiatric prison.

    Ruby Film and TV for BBC
    Creator Peter Harness & Stephen Fry
    Producer Gina Carter
    Period drama series about the first four Georges to reign in England
    Sprout for BBC
    In development
    Producer Peter Bennett
    Director Paul Wilmshurst
  • Peter Capaldi
  • Jenna Coleman
  • Three episodes of the legendary science fiction series: Kill The Moon, The Zygon Invasion and The Zygon Inversion.

    BBC for BBC One

    3×60 series for BBC One

    Mammoth Screen for BBC One
    Producer Francis Hopkinson
  • Kenneth Branagh
  • Saskia Reeves
  • Sarah Smart
  • Lead writer on the third series of the acclaimed detective series with this episode adapted from the short story The Grave by Henning Mankell
    Left Bank Pictures for BBC1
    Producer Francis Hopkinson
    Director Esther May Campbell
  • Kenneth Branagh
  • Ingeborga Dapkunaite
  • Soren Malling
  • Lead writer on the third series of the acclaimed detective series with this episode adapted from the novel The Dogs of Riga by Henning Mankell
    Left Bank Pictures for BBC1



    Producer David Heyman
    Director John Crowley
  • Sir Michael Caine
  • David Morrissey
  • Tragi-comedy charting the unlikely friendship between an octogenarian magician and a ten year old boy
    Optimum Releasing
    Heyday Films



    Director Thea Sharrock
    Southwark Playhouse