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Wallander: An Event in Autumn

Producer Francis Hopkinson Starring
  • Kenneth Branagh
  • Saskia Reeves
  • Sarah Smart
    Production Company Left Bank Pictures
    Broadcaster BBC1

    Peter is  lead writer on the third series. Peter has adapted the opening episode of the third series, An Event in Autumn, from Henning Mankell's short story The Grave.

    The BAFTA-winning series sees Kurt Wallander (Kenneth Brannagh) settling into his new home in the Swedish countryside with his girlfriend. His peaceful idyll is shattered by the discovery of a skeleton in his garden and he is soon drawn back in to investigating a series of brutal murders.

    An Event In Autumn premièred on BBC One on 8th July, drawing in 6.75 million viewers, the highest ever viewing figures for Wallander.

    Wallander: An Event in Autumn

    the best of the current maverick detective shows Andrew Billen
    The Times
    Full Review

    The script is tauter, the photography more claustrophobic than ever Stuart Jeffries
    The Guardian

    it isn’t afraid to challenge its viewers with big existential themes. That each feature-length episode is self-contained and has a resolution makes the whole experience seem big too, and satisfying.

    Nigel Farndale
    The Telegraph

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