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The Silent Tide

book | Fiction | 2013
UK & Comm → Simon & Schuster
The intriguing new novel by the author of A Place of Secrets and A Gathering Storm is a story about women's roles set in the fascinating world of post-war London.

Following the death of the great writer Hugh Morton, Emily Gordon, young editor at the London company that published his most famous work, is asked to handle his authorized biography. She quickly finds herself up against the iron will of Hugh's widow, Jacqueline, and the mercurial nature of Joel Richardson, the book's attractive and well-connected author.

Meanwhile, someone is sending Emily a series of clues about Hugh Morton's first wife, Isabel, who died tragically young, and whose tale, it seems Jacqueline is determined should remain untold. But the more Emily discovers about Isabel's life at a small publishing house in postwar London, a time of apparent opportunity for women, the more engrossed she becomes, and the more she sees connections with her own circumstances. Somehow she has to discover the full truth of Hugh and Isabel's marriage and find, too, the courage to follow her own destiny.

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The Silent Tide
The Silent Tide
The Silent Tide
The Silent Tide
The Silent Tide
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