Raj Patel and Rupa Marya

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book | Non-Fiction | Mar 2021
UK & Comm excluding Canada → Penguin Press (Ed. Josephine Greywoode)
US & Canada → Farrar, Straus & Giroux Inc (Ed. Eric Chinski)

A radical new analysis of health and disease by epidemiologist Rupa Marya and economist Raj Patel.

Drawing on a wealth of compelling evidence, Marya and Patel argue that we are in the grip of a global epidemic of inflammation – our bodies, societies and planet are on fire – with symptoms ranging from new allergies and cancers, through fascism to year-round forest fires and insect extinction.

Tracing the roots of what ails us as a whole, Inflamed is a deep investigation of how health is connected to political, social, economic and ecological systems, and how our wellbeing requires structural transformation.


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