Robert Emms

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Role Rick Buckley
Producer Dixie Linder Director Rufus Norris Starring
  • Cillian Murphy
  • Tim Roth
    Production Company CUBA Pictures
    Broken tells the story of Skunk Cunningham, an eleven year old girl living in North London with her older brother Jed, their father Archie (Tim Roth) and au pair Katya. She witnesses a violent attack which brings chaos to Skunk’s life. Her home, her neighbourhood, her school all become treacherous environments where the certainties of childhood give way, and a complex, broken world fills her future.

    Robert plays Rick Buckley, who suffers a mental breakdown and becomes a ghost of a man he used to be. Skunk calls him "Broken Buckley".

    a moving film that takes the audience on a deeply human and emotional journey Wendy Mitchell
    Screen Daily