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book | Fiction | Feb 2016
ANZ → Pan Macmillan

Sixteen-year-old Stephanie West has been dragged from Sydney to remote Maatsuyker Island off the coast of Tasmania by her parents, hoping to recapture a childhood idyll and come to terms with their grief over the death of Steph's twin brother. With no television, no heating and no one else on the island, the months ahead look to be filled with ghosts of the past. 

Steph's saviour is Tom Forrest, a 19-year-old deckhand aboard a crayfishing boat. When the weather allows, Tom visits the island, and he and Steph soon form an attraction. But Tom must conceal at all costs the illegal fishing he takes part in, orchestrated by his tyrannical brother. And he dare not dwell on his fear of the sea or his deep-worn premonition that the ocean will one day take him. 

Wildlight is an exquisite exploration of the wayward journey of adolescence, and how the intense experience of a place can change the course of even the most well-planned life.


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Robyn’s rich language is staggeringly visual, evoking the island’s wild coast in stark and memorable images. Her story of grief, first love and (perhaps) a murder mystery is no less striking.

Melbourne Times Weekly

There is much to admire in Wildlight: the skilful unravelling of the overriding mystery and the spectacular location given life. 

Gretchen Shirm
Weekend Australian

[...] an assured coming-of-age story and an homage to an incredible place, in crystal clear prose.

Margot Lloyd
Adelaide Advertiser

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