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Daughters of Castle Deverill

book | Fiction | Jul 2016
UK & Comm → Simon & Schuster

The second book of the Deverill Chronicles follows Kitty, Bridie and Celia into the 1930s. 

 Celia rebuilds the castle in her typically extravagant style unaware that tragedy hovers on her horizon ready to teach her the true meaning of the Deverill spirit. 

Kitty, torn between her love of Ireland and her love for Jack, has to choose between the two when Jack decides to leave for America: will she stay or will she go? 

 Bridie, wild with grief for the child she had to give up, plans to steal him from Kitty and take him back to New York. Martha, the twin daughter Bridie believes is dead, grows up in Connecticut with her adoptive parents, oblivious that her roots lie in Irish soil, blind to her grandmother, Adeline, who watches her from Spirit, determined that she shall find her way home. 

 All the while the curse of Maggie O’Leary hangs heavy over the castle, imprisoning Barton Deverill and all his heirs. Will they ever be released?


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In this sequel to The Girl in the Castle, the focus shifts from Kitty Deverill to her cousin Celia, as the ownership of Deverill Castle falls into Celia’s luckier and wealthier collateral family branch. Just as Celia finishes her extravagant refurbishing of the estate, the Crash of 1929 takes her family’s fortune and the lives of her husband and her father. All Celia is left with is the death of her own dreams and a blackmailer who tells her that her beloved father was not the man she thought he was. Determined to salvage his reputation, Celia undertakes a dangerous journey of discovery to the source of her father’s fortune, only to find that while he may have made the devil’s own luck, she has just enough pluck of her own to start over far from where she began. For lovers of meaty family sagas, the Deverills are rich and dysfunctional in just the ways that make their adventures and tribulations so much fun to read. VERDICT: This series is highly recommended for Downton Abbey addicts looking for a new story to sink into, and for readers who love exploring the depths of women’s relationships over the course of their lives.

Library Journal

Readers of Montefiore’s The Girl in the Castle (2016) will relish this equally juicy sequel. The second in a
projected trilogy features the same trio of women bound by both family ties and their obsession with
Deverill Castle, the setting of many of their most cherished and tragic memories. Though no longer the
owner of the Castle Deverill, Kitty longs for both her lost home and for Jack O’Leary, her first and truest
love. Meanwhile, her cousin, Celia Mayberry, the new mistress of the manor, throws her heart and soul
into restoring the castle, while across the ocean, Bridie Doyle, daughter of the former cook, has become
the toast of New York. Though much of the action in this installment revolves around Celia, the stories of
these three women are inextricably linked by past decisions, present struggles, and future dreams. As each
stands at a crossroads, the stage is meticulously set for the final denouement. Guaranteed to satisfy the
appetites of fans of meaty family sagas.

Margaret Flanagan

I have a tendresse for sweeping and epic romantic sagas set around huge houses and aristocratic families and Santa Montefiore hits the spot for me like few other writers. This is the second book in her Deverill Chronicles, which follows the fortunes of Irish sisters, Kitty, Bridie and Celia, starts in 1925 and focuses on Celia’s determination to restore Castle Deverill to its former glory. Lush, vivid storytelling.

Sarra Manning
Red Magazine

Beautifully written and full of Montefiore’s trademark insight and sensitivity, Daughters of Castle Deverill contains plenty of twists and turns as well as delivering an enthralling story of love, betrayal, passion and heartbreak. Real history, a compelling cast of characters and Montefiore’s enviable gift for epic storytelling guarantees readers will already be counting down to the final instalment.

Lancashire Evening Post