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Beneath the Shadows

book | Fiction | 2011
ANZ → Random House
US → St Martin's Press Inc
How do you begin to move on, if the past won't let you go?

When Gracie's husband, Adam, inherits a cottage on the Yorkshire moors, they leave London behind to try a new life.

Just a year later, Adam disappears. One year later, Grace returns to the cottage with her baby daughter. She is desperate for answers, but resigned to preparing the cottage for sale. Her sister Annabel and best friend, James are urging her to move back to her old life; while the few other villagers both intrigue and unnerve her. There is Meredith, a grieving widow; and Ben, who is generous enough to help with renovating the cottage but doesn't want to talk about himself at all. Furthermore, Grace's child, Millie, who was caught up in in her father's disappearance as a newborn, seems far too withdrawn for a one-year old.

Then Grace hears a rumour that Adam may have been searching for his father, Jonny Templeton, when he disappeared. Grace can't help but wonder if he might help her discover why Adam vanished, so she sets out to find him. With no one prepared to divulge their secrets to her, she finds herself unwilling to trust anyone. Her nervousness deepens when she begins to receive notes telling her to leave the village. Then, just as snowfall threatens to cut them off from the rest of the world, she makes a terrible discovery. In the aftermath, Grace sinks deeper into uncertainty, questioning where she can turn to next. A chance comment reveals she has been right to suspect that someone is trying to sabotage her life, and she realises that she has been looking in the wrong place for answers all along.

In the cold winter weather Grace sets out to reclaim her daughter from the one person intent on taking Millie away, praying she will reach them in time.



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Beneath the Shadows
Beneath the Shadows
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