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book | Fiction | 2022
World English → Penguin Random House (Ed. Tom Rawlinson)

Esther is a loyal citizen. Ben is a rebel. Both are planning an escape from Arcadia. 

For Esther and Ben, home is the cruise ship Arcadia, a floating refugee camp anchored in the Atlantic Ocean. Life is bleak. No one is allowed to disembark, ever. You are born, you live and you die onboard. The battle for power is an ongoing daily turf war. Vicious gangs control the ship's lower decks. The military patrol the upper levels and meet any hint of dissent with extreme violence. But if Esther makes a show of her loyalty and keeps her grades high she'll get what she's always wanted: a normal life on dry land as a medic.

But Esther's plans are derailed when she is kidnapped and taken deep into the belly of the ship to save a rebel soldier. There she is confronted with Ben, blood-drenched and dying from a bullet lodged in his chest. By saving his life she sends her own spiralling out of control. 

Drawn deeper and deeper into Ben's cause, and with government forces poised to cleanse the ship, Esther's choices will decide the fate of everyone on board. Will she save herself? Or fight to save the ship and its population? 

Tentative Date for Edited Delivery: December 2020


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