Sarra Manning

Novelist and journalist
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Sarra Manning has been an author and journalist for over twenty years. 

She has written for The Guardian, ELLE, Grazia, Stylist, Fabulous, Stella, You Magazine, and InStyle. She’s currently the Books Editor of Red magazine.

Her first adult novel, Unsticky, was published in 2009, followed by three others including the best-selling You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me. Sarra has also written over fifteen Young Adult novels such as Adorkable, Guitar Girl, Let’s Get Lost and the iconic Diary Of A Crush trilogy. 

Sarra lives in London with her beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Miss Betsy.






  • @LeahFHardy @LissaKEvans Provincial Lady started off as serialised diary (like BJ) in Time & Tide, legendary posh feminist mag.

    Me watching #GBBO on biscuit week.

    Gossipy, long piece on the mystery of Emily Bronte (because we don't even know what she looked like.)

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