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The Worst Of Scottee

Assembly Rooms Edinburgh
Scottee explores the worst of himself in his debut Edinburgh show. Join Scottee as he delves into his past to explore the very worst of himself. Find out why he pretended to have AIDS and why he stole money from his nan. This show will give you a reason not to like him: it's Scottee at his very worst. 
The Worst Of Scottee

Recklessly brave and devastating solo show Lyn Gardner
The Guardian

The Worst of Scottee is one of the most impressive, affecting and unsettling productions I’ve seen this year. Ben Walters
Time Out

A rare and utterly bewitching performer, with a show that is honest, simple and cathartic. Imogen Calderwood
Three Weeks

The Worst of Scottee sees this showman walk the fine line between vulnerability and charisma and reveal a little part of himself. It's a potent and compelling combination. Honour Bayes
The Stage

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