Simon O'Brien

Award winning broadcaster for television and property expert

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Born and brought up in Liverpool, Simon began acting in 1981 in the first ever episode of Brookside. For the last twenty years he has successfully combined dual careers of acting and presenting.

Simon presented the Early Morning Show for BBC Radio Merseyside, has appeared on Sky TV's Premier League All Stars where he represented his beloved Everton football club. Following the success of To Buy or Not to Buy and To Build Or Not To Build for the BBC, Simon is the current frontman of two new property series for Channel 4: The Sealed Bid and The Renovation Game, both of which first aired in autumn 2011.

Simon splits his time between developing and shooting independent films and scouring Europe for derelict properties to renovate. With his strong interest in ecology, Simon is uncompromising in his attitude toward our interaction with the natural environment. This philosophy has been practically applied to all his building developments and is now becoming a key focus of his projects.


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