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L'Ete du Changement

book | Fiction | Oct 2020
World French → Glenat (Ed. Aude Sarrazin)

Childhood friends Mylan and Cléa live in Strasburg and are delighted to discover in the middle of the burning hot month of July, the joys of Skihalle, an artificial sky station, a few tramway stops away from where they live.

Split up for Summer vacation, in Norway Mylan discovers a new and more environmentally friendly way of life, while in a hotel resort in Malaysia, Cléa discovers the effects of deforestation.

Both teens soon develop an interest in the environment and unaware they share the same passion, they worry this new awareness may create a rift in their friendship. Could this Summer be the end of their friendship?

Lead title of Glénat's new imprint for 13+ which focuses on topics of climate emergency through inspiring and positive stories, released in collaboration with the movement On est Prêt.


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