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The Academy of Secrets:

book | Fiction | Mar 2020
UK & Comm → HarperCollins

A novella following Giordano Bruno as a young, rebellious monk in Naples.

Naples, 1568

A rebellious young monk…
Novice monk Giordano Bruno struggles to follow the strict rules of religious life. He has questions – about God, life, the universe – which could prove deadly… especially at a time when the Inquisition is gaining power and influence.

A secret society…
One night, Bruno’s mentor invites him to a hidden location outside the city where a group of like-minded men meet to discuss forbidden subjects – a secret society. Bruno is captivated – even more so when he meets Fiammetta della Porta, the niece of the society’s wealthy leader, who initiates him into the ways of love.

An enemy who could destroy everything…
But Bruno has enemies, and he has been followed to his assignations. Not only is the heretical society at risk of exposure, but Bruno and his new lover are in grave danger. Keeping his secrets has become a matter of life or death…

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