Stewart Thomson

Writer for film and television
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Stewart is from Glasgow and a graduate of the National Film and Television School.

In 2013 Stewart's comedy pilot Skwibs was chosen as one of the prestigious Rocliffe Bafta Comedies. Previously Stewart has been selected to take part in the Channel 4 ‘Coming Up' scheme and was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA for his animated piece Bill's Visitors.  He is currently developing a feed for BBC 3. 

His feature Beating the Drum is currently being developed by BBC Films and Creative Scotland. Rocket Surgery, a comedy feature has recently been selected for Lo-Fi, the Scottish low-budget film initiative, and will go into production later this year.

Stewart's debut play, Frank's Dead, is part of Òran Mór’s 2014 lunchtime theatre programme, A Play, a Pie and a Pint.





Family Film

Pistachio Pictures
In Development
Producer Innes Moore
Comedy about a table tennis club in Glasgow
BBC Films
In development
Alien invasion comedy set in small-town Scotland
In development
Vertigo Films
In development
Dreamfinder Productions/Vertigo Films
In development

In development
Bill's Visitors
Scottish Bafta Award for Best Animation
Producer Innis Moore
Director Simon Deshon
Animation nominated for a Scottish Bafta
National Film and Television School


Writer & Creator


In-house comedy feed. 

In Development

Creator & Writer

Objective Productions
Rocliffe Comedy Writing Award
Pilot for 6 x 30'
Part of the Rocliffe Comedy Award
Director Hope Dickson Leach
  • Edyta Budnik
  • Ann Downie
  • James Grant
  • Jamie Quinn
    One-off film as part of the Coming Up strand
    Coming Up for Channel 4
    Welcome To Rebellion
    Pilot for 6 x 60'
    In development
    PJ 4000
    Pilot for 6 x 30'
    Children's television series
    In development



    Part of Òran Mór’s lunchtime theatre programme, A Play, a Pie and a Pint
    Òran Mór