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Big Game

book | Fiction | Oct 2015
US → Simon & Schuster (Ed. Kristin Ostby)

Third instalment of the FunJungle series

Teddy Fitzroy has caught a lot of bad guys in FunJungle, but when someone takes a shot at Rhonda Rhino from inside the park, he finds that this might be his toughest case yet. 

Now Teddy has to catch the hunter and save Rhonda Rhino - all while trying not become animal chow. 

Praise for previous books in the FunJungle series: 

"Cleverly plotted this book is an auspicious debut that will leave readers clamouring for more." - Booklist

"Gibbs’ clever plot, zoo setting, and likable characters combine to produce a lively caper full of fast-paced twists and turns and red herrings (not to mention sharks, chimps, tiger cubs, and snakes)." - Booklist


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A good mystery that will keep readers engaged.

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