Susan Stern

Writer, theatre director, and voice and communications specialist
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Susan Stern is a writer, theatre director, and voice and communications specialist. She has collaborated with her youngest son, Sam Stern, on a number of bestselling cookbooks for children and teens. In connection with these books, she has been asked to contribute to numerous printed media.

She also writes for radio. Her plays For the Love of Strangers and Smooth as Chocolate have been broadcast on BBC Radio 4. In her capacity as a voice and communications specialist, she writes material for clients (including O2, First Direct, NHS and The King's Fund) based on theatre skills. In this capacity, she has contributed to BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour, and can be heard regularly on BBC Radio York. She trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama and has worked as a voice coach, director or co-director on over 80 productions, specialising in voice and text work on Shakespeare.