Thomas Brodie-Sangster

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Death of A Superhero

Role Donald (Lead)
Director Ian Fitzgibbon
Production Company Grand Pictures

Thomas Brodie-Sangster plays the leading role in Ian Fitzgibbon’s feature film Death of A Superhero which premiered in Toronto in September 2011.

Thomas plays Donald, a teenager suffering from terminal cancer whose escape and distraction from the despair of his situation lies in his artistic creations, which result in a mixture of live-action drama and animation. Thomas stars opposite Andy Serkis in the role of Donald’s psychiatrist, with whom he forms a bond.

A selection of the reviews praising Thomas's performance can be viewed below.


Brodie-Sangster has a challenging role on his hands in that Donald is not an object of pity [in a film whose] general appeal will lie in its honesty and touching performances.

John Anderson

Death isn’t a free pass to walk the Earth disrespecting the gift of life; it is an escape from the unknown to continue on without fear. And Brodie-Sangster embodies these sentiments through his performance, showing anger, joy, frustration, and eventually love Jason Mobarak
Toronto Film Festival

Brodie-Sangster (who made his first impact in 2003 playing Liam Neeson’s love-struck son in Love Actually) makes a fine transition to an almost-adult role, ably portraying a young man struggling to deal with adolescence (girls and usual teen angst) while also managing the physical and psychological pressures of his cancer.

Mark Adams

Thomas Brodie-Sangster is impressive - though never wallows in sentimentality - as Donald, a young Dublin teen who is gaunt, bald and tired from his chemotherapy sessions who tries to deal with his situation through his illustrations and his imagination, represented by the animation that sees him as a muscular hooded figure dealing with buxom beauties and evil villain The Glove.

Mark Adams