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A Cry In The Night

book | Fiction | 2014
UK → Quercus (Ed. Jane Wood)
Two missing children. A community closing ranks. A sinister case for Detectives Barnes and Taylor.

When night falls, fear spreads . . .

The Lake District: a wild landscape, rife with stories. Detectives Zoe Barnes and Sam Taylor are called to investigate the disappearance of two children. But they quickly realise they have been drawn into a complex and unnerving case that hides a much darker intent: as they dig deeper, whispers grow of a community hiding a deadly secret – and talk of witches, the like of which hasn’t been heard since the seventeenth century, is spreading.

Zoe and Sam will have to work fast to save lives; but in this atmosphere of fear and mistrust, can they even rely on each other?


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A Cry In The Night
A Cry In The Night
A Cry In The Night
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