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book | Fiction | 2012
UK & Comm → Quercus (Ed. Jane Wood)
A high concept thriller for fans of Inception and The Adjustment Bureau.

'Blink. Keep your eyes open. Blink. That's it, don't go back to sleep, not yet.'

If it weren't for the nightmares, Ben would say he had a good life. He's happy with his steady job, and loves his wife and kids to death. But it's hard to ignore the dark, violent images that are so vivid that he often worries that the dreams are real and everything else around him is a lie.

Toby also suffers from nightmares. And the scars on his fifteen-year-old body are a ghostly reminder of actions he doesn't remember or understand. Two people, two separate, unremarkable lives.

When their dreams and doubts collide and become too powerful to ignore, one fact will become clearer than any other - that the truth they are running towards is the very thing from which they should be fleeing.

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East Press

A fast-paced, thoughtful and at times moving thriller that you won’t want to forget.
SFX Magazine

The twists are unpredictable and the plot a complete surprise. I couldn’t put it down.
Mystery People Ezine

Sleepwalkers is a highly-readable, intelligent and thought provoking thriller.
Full Review

...a fantastic psychological thriller, with elements of The Manchurian Candidate
Full Review

A completely unique thriller with filmic qualities. I LOVED IT!
Full Review

Sleepwalkers is a pulse-pounding debut
Press Association
Full Review

Sleepwalkers is a fantastic read and one that kept me in bed hungrily wanting to know how the intricate mind-bending storyline will end. A completely unique thriller with filmic qualities.
Full Review

A book that is not only thrilling in itself with well-drawn characters and a strong plot, as becomes a seasoned television writer, but one that raises serious philosophical questions about the kind of society we are turning into.
Shots Magazine

I was utterly hooked. As the story unfolds you really can’t begin to guess where it is heading or who the characters can trust, making it hard to put down… If you enjoy a smart, unpredictable thriller, you’ll love this.
The Tattoed Book

The Book Bag
Full Review

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